News for October 3, 2020

Join us for Church Outdoors at 10:15am at the home of the Langellottis
Tomorrow (Sunday) we'll meet at 10:15am at the home of Rob & Peggy Langellotti and Mary Ann Bryant.

The Langellottis' address is 277 Tadpole Ln, Greenville, 24440. We'll be worshiping in their yard, so feel free to bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on. You're also invited to bring your own lunch and stick around after the service for some additional fellowship time.

We'll be on the sunny side of the Langellottis' house, and they will be building a fire for anyone who needs a little extra heat!

Our service will be livestreamed on Facebook this Sunday.

I Am the Bread of Life
We're starting a sermon series on the seven "I Am" statements of Jesus in the book of John. This week we'll look at Jesus' statement, "I Am the Bread of Life." In preparation for this Sunday, we invite you to read John 6:25-51, 66-69. 

Youth Group Meeting Tomorrow
Greenmonte Youth will be getting together twice in October! Show up and invite lots of friends! Both events will be fantastic. We'll meet up right after church this Sunday, October 4 as well as October 18. This Sunday will be a game day at Stuarts Draft Middle School. We'll meet up at the tennis courts for a game I made up called Big Ball. It's kind of like ping pong but you are the paddles and we use the big rubber playground balls. It's a ton of fun and you'll love it or love laughing at others. To quote Pride and Prejudice, “For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn?” Come laugh it up! On October 18 we'll have a fall party! More details to come on that when we get closer to the date. Call or text Dane Barr if you have any questions or mild complaints. 540-290-1037.

Upcoming Week

Oct 4 (Sun) - Church Outdoors at the Langellottis' Home, 10:15am
Facebook Livestream of Worship, 10:15am
Youth Group Game Day, Stuarts Draft Middle School, after Worship

Oct 6 (Tues)- Weekly Prayer at Greenmonte, 11am

Oct 9 (Fri)- Prayer Outside Planned Parenthood in Charlottesville, leaving Waynesboro at 9am

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