Dear Parent,

Homeschooling has seen a dramatic uptake in the past year. Little wonder, as school routines have been disrupted, virtual learning implemented, and parents engaged in new ways to help train their children. If you’re a parent who’s been considering jumping in with both feet and becoming your child’s primary teacher, this page was created with you in mind.

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed like I did. In 2007, when my older son was starting Kindergarten, I thought, “I’ll just try homeschooling for a year. If I mess up Kindergarten, it won’t matter that much.” We started with a curriculum called Five in a Row. We loved it! Homeschooling felt like an extension of parenting, but with a little more organization and purpose. Twelve years later, I finally hung up my homeschooling hat. To be sure, there were moments of frustration and doubt, but there are those in normal day-to-day parenting anyway! Be prepared to grow alongside your children in the coming months/years, and watch how the Lord helps equip you to train your children about His world and His ways.

I’d love to swap stories with you and offer some encouragement. “Let’s Connect” once you’ve checked out the information this page offers.

Liza Peltola
Director of Family and Children’s Ministries, Greenmonte Fellowship


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Curriculum Choices

Find a curriculum that works for you and your family. 

Local Communities & Co-Ops

Serving Augusta County, VA, and the surrounding areas, PEACH is an acronym for Parent Educators of Augusta County Homes. PEACH was founded in 1989 with two main goals. The first was to provide social, educational and athletic activities for homeschooled children. The second was to establish a peer support system for homeschooling parents in this area. Although PEACH has evolved over the years as times have changed, its core values have always remained the same. PEACH is Christian in orientation and is guided by God’s Word, the Bible. In addition to offering a monthly support group for homeschooling parents, PEACH provides students with opportunities for friendship, classes, and extracurricular activities.
Where kids learn, families connect, and friendships grow...all for the glory of the Lord.

Augusta Christian Educators (ACE) Co-Op of Augusta County, Virginia is a group of homeschooling parents who gather once per week to cooperatively teach our kids a variety of classes.

Our co-op meets September - May on Fridays, from 9:00 am to 2:55 pm (3:25 pm for some high school classes). This time period allows students from preschool through 12th grades to take five classes and a lunch/recess break. ACE Co-op is a co-op in the truest sense of the word. Parents submit class ideas that they are willing and able to teach for the upcoming school year. The Board then selects from those class offerings and builds a schedule for the year. Thus, classes vary from year to year depending upon parent needs/student interests/teacher availability, and it is not possible to guarantee a particular class for a particular age group. The ACE Board endeavors to provide a balanced schedule each year that offers a range of academic and supplemental classes on a variety of topics. Fees vary.

(with chapters in Staunton, Waynesboro, Harrisonburg, and Charlottesville)

What do Copernicus, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Frederick Douglas, Marie Curie and Albert Einstein all have in common? They all received a classical education.

Classical Conversations combines classical education with a Christian worldview and fellowship with other families. Weekly meetings provide classroom time, social interaction, and structured learning.  Classical education is based on the three phases (trivium) of learning: Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric. The Grammar stage focuses on the memorization of facts (knowledge), the Dialectic stage on the connection of facts (understanding), and the Rhetoric stage on the mastery or communication of facts (wisdom). Third through fifth graders are offered, in addition to the morning Foundations program, an afternoon program called Essentials, which hones students’ English grammar and writing skills. Middle-school and high-school-aged children take part in the Challenge program, which is a complete curriculum. Parent practicums give parents the tools and encouragement needed to home school confidently. Tuition costs vary.
VHE is a Christian homeschool support group that serves the Harrisonburg, VA area. Its purpose is to offer a variety of events, activities, and resources designed to support and enhance the experience of homeschooling families, such as field trips for all ages, socials for middle and high school, and a Talent and Art show. There are events just for moms including Mom's Night Out, as well as a Used Curriculum Sale, and a year-end Field Day. $25 membership fee.

(Christian Home Educator's Science & Sports Institute)

CHESSIE is a Christian Homeschool Science & Sports Group in Charlottesville, VA with a strong focus on hands-on, lively science classes full of experiments and activities. Students learn about God's creation through their studies of many science topics. Classes are available for students in Kindergarten through high school. During their sports hours, students may join in a competitive sports game such as dodgeball or capture the flag, visit with friends, play a board game, etc. Groups K,1,2A,2B have sports leaders for their classes. Groups 3,4A, 4B, Life Science have the option to participate in a modified Presidential fitness program. Weeklong summer science camps are also offered. This is an excellent science option for your child!


Home Educators Association of Virginia has more than 2,000 web pages of Virginia homeschool information, resources, field-trip ideas, and more!

Home Educators Association of Virginia is a member-supported, statewide, 501(c)3 non-profit homeschool association. Since 1983, HEAV has successfully worked to promote and protect home education in Virginia by working with the Department of Education and legislators, having a presence during the General Assembly sessions, and providing up-to-date information to homeschooling families, the media, and officials. HEAV, coming from a biblical worldview, serves all homeschoolers—regardless of religious or philosophical beliefs. Membership is, and always has been, open to all. With a full-time office staff and hundreds of dedicated volunteers, we’re ready to answer your questions, offer support, and serve your needs year-round—just give us a call (804-278-9200) or send us an e-mail.


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